About Herbet

American comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said that “it's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper!” The point he was trying to make is that, in reality, newspapers can only give you a glimpse of what is happening in the world. And this is the reason I created this news blog.

I am Herbet Iglesias and I welcome you to my news blog. I am 29 years old living in Premia de Mar in Spain. Premia de Mar is a municipality situated on the coast, to the north-east of Barcelona. My wife, a doctor, has been an immense source of inspiration for all my work. In fact, she is the one who thought I should have my own news blog. Presently I work in a daily local newspaper, and I strive to provide the latest world news to my readers. For me any news is good news and so I try to present it differently. I am sure my readers will like my blog with a taste of twist. 

As a student of journalism, I have always wanted to bring out the latest news to the world. This is exactly what my blog is all about. I have tried to bring forth the latest news from across the globe into this blog. There is something for every reader here, be it sports news, health news or business news.

Being a journalist for a long time, I have decided to report on some of the latest news from the field of politics, sports, entertainment, shopping deals and coupons, and more. The basic idea behind this blog is really simple. I simply wanted to come up with something that is entertaining and at the same time educating. This news blog will give you cool updates about what’s happening around you be it in sports or entertainment. 

I really want all my dear friends and visitors to explore by blog and put forward their valuable suggestions. Yes, suggestions are welcome friends! So, please let me know what you loved about my blog and what else you want to read. I would love to know from you all. Please drop in your suggestions at HerbetIglesias@yahoo.com. I have tried not to make it too boring, so if you like it don’t hesitate to share this content in social media. 

A big thank you to all for visiting the blog! Don’t forget to return for some more interesting stuff. Till then, happy reading!