Nutrisystem Diet Review and Discount Codes – A Balanced Meal Plan

Ever wondered why Nutrisystem works so well? It really comes down to one word. Easy.

Counting points? Forget it. Measuring? No Way! Just perfectly portioned meals that you heat and eat. How easy is that?

Of course, Nutrisystem was designed to be easy. But it is actually based on some pretty sophisticated science. In fact, it is based on the proven science of the Glycemic Index (GI).

Eating low GI meals 4-5 times a day helps keep your blood sugar and metabolism more consistent. So you body burns more calories more effectively. It’s such a smart and healthy way to lose weight!

Better yet, NS is the only program that offers GI meals – good carbs that are rich in fiber and low in fat, so you feel fuller, longer.

Ok, let’s run down this really quick:  No counting or measuring ever. No public weigh-ins (how embarrassing is that!). Instead, you get delicious, perfectly portioned meals that go anywhere and are ready in minutes. And it’s smart, healthy weight loss that is good for your body inside and out.

Great Value – How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost?

Perhaps everybody knows that Nutrisystem works. But what a lot of people don’t know, is what a great value Nutrisystem is. Of course, the best way to know if you are getting a good deal is to do the math. So, that’s what I did. Check it out.

Today, I stopped for coffee and a bagel. Call that $3. Lunch? Easy 7 bucks. Make dinner or get a take out, either way that is $5-10, minimum. Then snack or desert? $2. Yikes! That is $17-22 a day right there for food that is not even good for me.

Now, that’s me. But even if I cut one of those meals out, it is still hard to be $11, which is about what Nutrisystem costs for 4 meals  a day, without discount codes for nutrisystem. If you use a nutrisytsem  discont code you will end up paying less than $9/day. The veggies and fruits are not included in this price. You have to provide them yourself, from the grocery store. In addition to the low cost, Nutrisystem is fast and easy. So, it’s saves you lots of time. And after all, time is money, right?

Counseling? Free 24/7.

And best of all, Nutrisystem is healthy. Yeap! Good food that’s good for you. I mean, how do you put a price on that?

Ok, let’s see:

[Less money] + [less time] + [good for you]  = Nutrisystem about $ 11 a day

Anyway  you do the math, Nutrisystem makes good smart sense. Even Smart Money named Nutrisystem the best value of  popular weight loss program.

So, if you want to lose weight, feel good, eat great, and look fantastic for less than $11/day, Nutrisystem is your right choice. In fact, the cost can be even lower when you take advantage of the Nutrisystem deals and occasional promotion codes.

Nutrisystem Coupons Codes and Discounts

Nutrisystem has special offers and discounts all year around. Find them at They are currently featuring a great discount deal: Nutrisystem Fast5+, an introduction week to the 4-week Nutrisystem plan. During this intro week you lose 5 pounds and one inch off your wait guaranteed! This initial weight loss is an ingenius way to motivate you continue on the program and lose all the weight you need. You get all the shakes and food of the Fast5+ plan for free when you join Nutrisystem. Occasionally you can find a Nutrisystem coupon code. Look for a Nutrisystem coupon code 2017.

Are There Foods I Like?

Here is the concept. Eat your favorite foods and still lose weight. Really! With Nutrisystem it’s that easy. Is Friday your pizza night? Nutrisystem has pizza! Rich and gooey, just the way you like it.

Barbeque anyone? How about a burger. Even chicken breast sandwich. You can even have ice-cream. You got to love that. With over 170 fantastic meals to choose from you are certain to find your favorites. And they are all here, ready for you to choose. Customize your own menu and eat what you want and lose weight.

Guilt? Depriving yourself? Not here. Just healthy, delicious, perfectly portioned meals. Ready to heat and eat.

So, now you feel good about eating fajitas and oh, hearty lasagna.

Chocolate? Did you say chocolate? Like, may be  a chocolate crunch bar. Chocolate cake? Chocolate pudding, Chocolate peanut butter bar, chocolate chip cookies? Yeah, and a whole lot more.

Started to get pretty tempting, huh? And all these greatly tasting meals get delivered right to your door. How convenient is that? You’ve got great meals that are good for you. Delivered right to your door and ready in minutes.

Anyway you look at it, Nutrisystem is the smart and  healthy way to lose way and look fabulous.

Is There A Program for Me?

Let’s face it. We are all different. Each of us has their own unique needs; our own different lifestyles. That’s why Nutrisystem has so many program choices.

Programs for men. Check. Women. Check. Vegetarians, Seniors, specifically designed for overweight people with type 2 diabetes?

On the go 24/7? Not know where to start? How about Nutrisystem’s most popular Tried and True core program. Just pop one of these meals in the microwave for 2 minutes and… dinner is served.

And, for the ultra foodie, you got to try the Select program. Meet fresh and frozen at the peak of flavor. It’s fantastic. With options like savory ham and cheese omelets, tempting shells and, yes, even ice-cream, delivered right to your door.

Need more flexibility? Try Nutrisystem Flex. 5 days on the program, 2 days off. So, convenient. Sign up now and get the perfect weight loss plan that works for you. Use discount code mentioned above.